Crazy_cake AMA!


Is is my AMA


Ask away! :D
And please ask hopscotch related stuff!


I really like your profile picture!
(Oops! That's not a question)


How did you discover Hopscotch?


Hai @LazyLizard .

I found it before the comunity because my dad downloaded it on the family iPad.
I was like
What is this XD
I never really played it, there was nothing to do, you couldn't code XD

I came back in December because it was in the school app carol of on my home iPad and I recognized it.
So I downloaded it, there was a comunity and I could code XD

I loved it!

And I still love it C:


Thank you! :D @PenguinGaming713


Why are you so awesome?


Umm... Idk. @Huggingfluffybear
Am I awesome? XD
Thanks :D

I guess the icecream I ate yesterday made me awesome XD
I don't really know XD


I'm love the sheep art you did recently!
I have the same question has @Huggingfluffybear, how did you get so awesome?


Thank you for calling me awesome! @bluedogmc-official
Also, thanks!

Idk XD
Thanks for calling me awesome! Am I really awesome? XD
Umm... I really don't know XD
The icecream? Maybe that made me awesome C:

Ok. No. Icecream doesn't make you awesome.
Working hard, never giving up, and being yourself makes you awesome.
Anyone that does that is awesome, you are all awesome C:


Le Omtl




Why do I have to ask questions?


You don't have to if you don't want to :3


Why is your name Crazy_cake?


My username is Crazy_cake because I am crazy and I like cake C:


You visited the hopscotch team, right?


Same question as HFB and bdmc:

Why are you so awesome? :0

I will fite you with gifts if you disagree that you are awesome m8


Yes, I did C:



I don't know ;-;
I'm a really awesome?

If you work hard, believe in yourself, and never give up, you are awesome C:


Error 123(random number don't ask XD): NOT A VALID ANSWER

Pls tell me why you're awesome thenks


I'm am not awesomeness, you are C: