Crazy_cake Ads!


Full credit to @Nerd4Ever for doing this first! :D go check out theirs!:

Ok! Kewl! Hai!
This is Crazy_cake from hopscotch!
And I'm going to start adding ads into my project!

An ad is what you see when ur playing an app or watching YouTube!

It can be a short video, or a picture!

So you can request to be in one if my projects!
Just say:

Your hospcotch username: Yourusername
Link: A link to a project you would like me to feature!

It can be a 'comming soon' kewl draft, or a kewl project you already published!

Im sorry I don't get to do your project! Please don't be mad at me :D
So, Ye, request away! :D







Nu, i can't have the update.

Hopscotch Username: EnchantedHopscotcher
Link: Err, it's a draft. And I don't have Hopscotch right now. It's called Escape the tsunamis. Sorry!


That's ok!
Thank you for your request frenpai @EnchantedAnimallover!


Your Hopscotch username: The Pickle HC
Link: I just want my account to be advertised, not a specific project.



Sure thing :D


Sorry, I accidentally didn't quote the whole thing :frowning:


It's ok! @BellaWafflez17! Thanks for the request! :D


Your hospcotch username: N4E



Hai Senpai!
HS: PurpleStorybook ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Title: Where are YOU at?
(it's an acc bucket list for anyone to try)


Hai senpai!

Thanks for teh request! :D


User: Uh... AwesomeNachos
Link: Well, I have no linky now, but feature my Pizza Pixel Art pwease.


Sounds kew-el!!! :slight_smile:


kewl kewl kewl kewl kewl kewl kewl ke kewl kewl kewl kewl kewl BD



Thanks guys :D



Sure thing! Thank you!



My username: happyfacegirl


Do I get advertised?


How do you get a link to a project?
My username Paige1212
My balloon draw! :arrow_up: