Crashing when variable is being constantly increased (Closed)

I noticed a bug where if you have a variable increasing every frame, the project will crash when it’s still at a relatively small value. It crashes faster or slower depending on the code you use to display it. The best code crashes at around 114,000 for me.

The second best code has the set text in the same rule incrementing the variable.

The worst I have tested has just two when 7 = 7 rules.

I find these differences interesting because they show which code is the best.
But the main thing is that these crashes happen at small enough values that they may be used in a game which measures time, or in a really big scrolling website that scrolls quickly from the very top to the very bottom.


This is definitely a problem and hopefully it will be fixed soon. Hopscotch has had this issue before, and I don’t know why they haven’t (fully) learned from their mistakes…


Yeah, the crashes effected me too. The crashing was similar to what my project did a few days ago, just differently.


I’ve had it too! In fact, here’s my topic on it.

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Yes, I’ve seen this before, thank you for the projects demonstrating the bug.
I took a look today and think I know the cause: it seems to be a bug in one of the frameworks we are using to render your project. I filed an issue here if you want to read more:


I’m waiting for it to get there. I’m not sure how to explain this, maybe it’s too much for the game?
Edit: yeah it crashes.

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Finally fixed this one. The fix includes the crash from constantly increasing variables as well. Open and close Hopscotch a few times to make sure you have the latest, the about page should show this player version.

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That’s (awesome^2)onion.

Sorry, letting my geek show :blush:

I ran some tests to confirm. Couldn’t get a project to crash while constantly updating text set by an increasing variable.

This is a good one to finally be able to fix :+1: