Crashing ending closed



Hey, I'm making a dophin game and I want my game to stop after a specific amount of time. And after the game stops, it has to show your score. The problem is that everytime I want to check my own score, my game spaces/glitches/whatever (the words become bigger). So the problem is: I can't see my score, because it won't work. I hope somebody knows the answer. And by the way my game is called fishgame. The game just for testing the ending is named: fishgame (can someone fix the ending).


I played your game, and it's pretty cool! I wasn't sure how long I had though, so you might consider adding a timer counting down.

For your score, you will want to have a When time value = how long the game lasts, then it will show your final score. You also said the words become bigger at the end. Did you use a grow block, because that might be why. I hope I helped you.


It's weird that you didn't saw the timer countdown cause I actually used one, it's on the left underneath the score. And yes I used a grow block and I'm gonna remove that right now. I will say if it worked or not, but thanks anyway.


It worked!!:tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball:
Jeeh, I'm so happy now!
I found out that the version you have played indeed missed a time counter.
If you want you can find the whole game with time counter under the name: fishgame :tropical_fish::tropical_fish:.
And maybe you can give me some tips on how to make the game more difficult :grinning:. Bye.


I played the version with the time counter and it was amazing :wink:. A new idea would be to make infinite levels. You can use values for this, like for the fish set the speed to a value and have the speed increase by a certain amount every round. The same would apply to the circles, and have them gradually disappearing faster. You could also build in levels, like maybe a level 2 or 3, and at the end it could show your score for every round and a final score or something. Just some ideas.