Crashing bug—can you restore my draft?



There is a bug! In the middle of making a project! My iPad crashed, it brought me to the home screen! and when I went back to the hopscotch app, the project I was making got lost! Help!

...I worked hard on that project


Well try rebooting your ipad maybe if it does not work i dont know what to tell u :frowning:


Sometimes Hopscotch crashes. We can't know why, unless we know exactly what happened. Sadly, since the whole app closed, there is no way of getting your project back D:


How do you reboot your iPad, I have iPad 4


just turn off your ipad like press and hold the on/off button then turn it back on :wink:


@Queen152 Just Hold The Power Button And Slide That Thingy To Power Off Then Hold The Power Button Once More And Then Boom, You Did it.


Thanks @HopscotchArtAndGames I'll try that next time
I also want to thank everyone else


@Queen152 that happened to me too.