Crash - text turning into black rectangles (Open)

I think the problem is that when you dragged and dropped, the functions decided to not work correctly. Was the end result your goal? @PeppyWafer21

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I was opening @petrichor’s cloud runner game, I have a link in the first post.
I also have the steps to make this happen as far as I know up there.

It happens most of the time playing the projects linked in the first post.

The united states.




Playing the projects linked above.

I should have said this in the first post, sorry, but by crash I mean the project turning into a white screen, causing you to have to reopen it.

What do you mean? :thinking:

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Thanks for responding @Ana

This issue seemed to be happening everywhere (I live in the USA) and at anytime

The bug occured for me at 10:00pm pst

Restarting a project with some text (no matter how simple the project is) a few times triggers the bug

I don’t think I can send you an error log because I use windows and my email contains the name my parents gave me. Could you tell me what to take a screenshot of (using PrtScr) and may I reply on the forum?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Set text (random)


odd, never had any issues with any of these crash bugs, I’m on iOS 11.3.1, seems to only happen on iOS 12.1 and above :man_shrugging:

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I didn’t drag and drop.

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You may be right

I’m on iOS 12.1.1

@PeppyWafer21, @Ana

I think this issue might have something to do with the performance

45 FPS is the highest it could get so far and HS did much better than that before

At certain times, this specific text bug will occur in one of my projects and this may be because of sequencing in the coding of the app that’s causing everything to break and/or slow down

Maybe try switching a few lines in the coding of the app, Ana?

Thanks for taking into consideration!

Okay. Thanks! We’re now looking into this.