Crash on iPad 3


Every time I go to open hopscotch It loads up the main screen but doesn't show projects then it crashes Please help I'm on iOS 8.4 iPad 3


Maybe download 8.4.1?


Maybe it has to do with how old your iPad is. Or a bug. This iPad I'm using right now is really old but doesn't crash a lot.


Ok thanks I'll try download 8.4.1


That's really strange! I'm on somewhat old systems (iPad mini and iOS 7.0) and it only crashes probably a couple of times a month.

In addition to updating your iOS, have you tried restarting Hopscotch/your iPad?


Yes I have but still it crashed


Then you should probably email the Hopscotch Team. It seems like a very bad bug or glitch and they could help fix it :smiley:


What their email? Maybe I should send them a video of me opening the app?


Their email is

I think it'd help a lot if you sent a video so they know exactly what's going on


Ok thanks for he email