Crash bug w/ iOS 9.2



When I go on it won't let me do anything and it crashes in 5 sec


I mean I can do stuff but it crashes


On what the beta or the hopsctch app?


The app


Ok if you delete most of your drafts and save them to the server it should work
And also it might be because you have a old iPad, not enough storage space or its just your app


Hoped I helped! 20202020(body_invalid)_~0x36330


What iPad do you have, @CamMakesGames? Because if it's old, then it probably has worn down its processor.


It's a mini 2 but I got it new in august


Oh...well then...


I have a iPad mini first gen and I got it for cristmas last year and all I have is some lag but no crashing


I have a school iPad Air, and once (and only once), it crashed immediately.


I cleared up over 16min of videos, and it's not working...


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oh no! Can you email us at with details? What happens when the app crashes? We heard one other report of crashes on iPads running iOS 9.2. Did this bug exist before you updated or only after?

Can you try updating Hopscotch to the latest version and see if it still happens?


Bah! This is an annoying sounding bug! I'm sorry.

Did you update your iOS to 9.2?

Can you try updating Hopscotch to the latest version and see if it still happens?


@Liza I was just calling you. @CamMakesGames was experencing this. But, sometimes when I enter a kinda complicated project, my hopscotch crashes. But, it's mistly @CamMakesGames.