Crash alert! fix now!



I know there are like a MILLION topics about it, but if I do it on a new topic, more people will notice it. I have a countered a NASTY crash bug, it is also very, very, very nosy. I say this because I try to publish a project which is one text object and a leave a trail block, but my app crashes when I try to publish it.

How do I fix this so I can publish it? WHY IS IT DOING THIS?!?


Some screenshots of the code would be good


@AHappyCoder ok....

Not very complicated


This happened to me to but when I got back in it was published.


It does that, the Hopscotch team is working on a bug fix right now. Other people can see your project perfectly though, although you won't have an image.


Though when I published my Changing Moon it didn't crash.It had another block in it so maybe it is only when you just have that and nothing else.


@BlackDawn no. It happens to me when I almost publish ANYTHING