Crafty Coders (in association with Downright Dreamers)


Hi everyone. Allyb here. I've got something to announce. I am making a collab account called Crafty Coders. This account is in association with Downright Dreamer, which is lead by @Explorer_, and I am also in it. Ok, here goes the list!



Game Coders

Trail Art and Drawing

Beta Testers

@Explorer_ (if you're interested)
@Dude73 (or do you want to be art instead?)

So, let me know whether you want to do do this or not. If you want to be something else, it's perfectly ok, just let me know first



Um can I join....


@Allyb can I join I am new and I made the emoji game on featured.


Yeah, of course. Just say what you want to be. And if any pone on the list doesn't want to do it that's fine


Does that mean me too I had 20+ trending


Yeah! For both of you. Wow, that's really impressive. I'm not even featured ant I've been on for 2 years already


Sorry, spelling mistakes! LOL


Can I do like the background and sound effects and stuff ?


Thanks a lot @Allyb can I do the trail art I'm good at it (and values)


Yeah. I will actually put in music makers aswell


Trail art is perfect @FruityMilkshake


Cool thx fren


I'll create the account right away. I'll call it Crafty Coders. Try and log in, (if you can remember your password). The password is going to be collab


The name is Crafty-Coders


No sorry, I'm busy. I like to stick with DD


Can our group work alongside yours?


What do you mean by that?


Can CC Work With DD??


No sorry


Ok no problem!!!!!!!