Crafts Made of Clay, Paper, Lego etc Compared to Shape Art on HS, Assembly, and other tools



You’re welcome!! And awesome!!
Do you have any other crafts? ;D


Yeah! I make homemade birthday cards, sometimes sew, and I was obsessed with making yarn bookmarks for a while! (5th grade XD) And probably more stuff I can’t remember… XD


That’s awesome!! :D
Can I see them? XD :D


Probably later, cuz I don’t have the yarn bookmarks/ sewn stuff with me right now, but I can show you a card I made. Let me take a pic…


Okay, and cool!! I’d love to see it :D


I made this for my mom, she loves orange and macaroons. (Is that how you spell it? XD)

I gotta go now chat with you later? ;D


Wow, that’s so cool!! :DDD

And okay, see you later! (^-^)


Bump ^^ @lollypopcorn you’re great at crafting :+1:


Thank you so much DMF!! :DD


That’s gold :heart:o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)


@Kayro here it is




Made a mini pot out of clay then I spray painted it gold.

I’m the master of bad pics


aygsygsusuiauknkal i just reorganized thisss

I have a lot more bc of my 4th grade addiction (it was also kinda a therapy when my mom had TB) too rainbow looming lol


Ooh cool
I remember when those were so popular and everyone had those… they were cool