Crafts Made of Clay, Paper, Lego etc Compared to Shape Art on HS, Assembly, and other tools



That’s awesome dolphypai!! :D


Thanks lollypai!!!


You’re welcome!! (^-^)

Do you have any other crafts? :DDD


Yeah but it’s not very crafty


I’m knitting a scarf @lollypopcorn


Wow!! That looks so good :DD
I wish I could knit XD
Teach me to knit


Hi guys! I may not be on as much but I will come on to say hi or post drawings! I have a mini ( not so mini ) drawing project I’m gonna do! So when I’m finished I’ll post it here! I will be on a bit today tho,See you guys soon!


Sigh. I do not know how to knit…


it’s actually “great topic”… dabs


I made a little stuffed pumpkin for Halloween :D



Ahhh thats so cute!! I’m out of likes so take this: <3


I drew this on hop. But it wouldn’t let me zoom out to post it.:sob:


Thank you so much!! :D


Aww! So cute!!! :DDD


Thank you Explorer_!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD


Good job! :+1: (i don’t want to offend you, but this isn’t a drawing topic- it’s a crafting topic :wink:)


Sorry I didn’t know, but thx for the info


Made this calendar for an order of operations project in math.


That looks amazing!!! :DDDDDDD


Thanks!!! We had to make a calendar for my 6+ math class so I picked November (my birthday month) and gave it a fall theme. :DDDDD