Crafts Made of Clay, Paper, Lego etc Compared to Shape Art on HS, Assembly, and other tools



Ya they're real smol

I bet they'd fit in... One sec

Hi BellaWafflez


Ta da! :DDD


quality content :raised_hands::ok_hand::+1:


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Update: I found more PlayDoh, it's cobalt blue


red & cobalt shall be best pals :00


Yes :000

Cobalt is a dog btw


the best bestest of pals :000




12/10 lil blue dog e


B e s t o f f r I e n d s



i have a tiny lps fire hydrant which would be hilarious XD


It would XD

I'm gonna go get more stuff


Does anyone have 123D Sculpt+ on their iPad?
Obviously don't say your account though.



I think I used to have 123D make tho???


@AvocadoDont Nothing to tell. It's so cool! Great job!


Thanks DMF :DDD


No prob @AvocadoDont! :slight_smile: How do you make this awesome crafts? Any tips? :slight_smile:


Uhm, idk, practice makes better i guess

Also if you wanna make something (out of clay/playdoh/papercraft) then stick a toothpick where the neck would be, but dont let the toothpick show


Thanks! :slight_smile: