Crafts Made of Clay, Paper, Lego etc Compared to Shape Art on HS, Assembly, and other tools



#Hi guys (and girls)!
Someone of us are good at origami, making crafts. I make this topic to discover people who good at it :wink:
Post pictures of your crafts! For example:

#####This was made by me :slight_smile:



Bye! :wink:

Lego Creations in Real Life Compared to an iPad (buildings, nature etc.) [OFFICIAL]

how does this relate to hopscotch?(i know the drawing topic does not relate but a leader made it)


I do not know if this is related to HS ? A leader allowed @LazyLizard to make it !


It isn't true. Drawing topic was made by @LazyLizard, she isn't leader. If you have questions, tell it on my topic.


If so, is "Imagination is cool, so use it here!" related to HS?


No butI think the leaders allowed it as it could be considered as a hopscotch topic !


I changed the title a bit, you're fine with it right?


Thanks, @Nerd4Ever! :slight_smile:


Ok, name is changed, so please no more talking about it :wink:


I think this is perfectly fine, :slight_smile:

And for those who are wondering, I did make the original drawing topic. :D


Thanks, @LazyLizard :slight_smile: Do you make origami?


I'm not coordinated enough lol


Ugh... I'm again out of likes...


looks great.. You are really talented


Why did you tag me fellowJumpyNerdFlyingOnAMagicalUnicorn?


That looks cool!

But, this isn't related.



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Thank you @Stradyvarious!


It is
It says compared to shape art on HS



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