Crafters Club/Company!



I am starting up a Hopscotch/GitHub club called the Crafters Club!
People who make good candidates for this group are in!

List of members:

1 . Be able to meet ALL requirements in at least one category:

  • Make a complex game with functioning physics
  • Make a drawing pad with 15 colors, with at least 1 custom HSB color
  • Make a Geometry Dash
  • Make a Fuzzy Draw with at least 2 colors (random counts as one)

  • Do at least 2 drawings on a drawing pad
  • Do at least 3 emoji traces and 1 custom emoji
  • Make 3D Shading
  • Make at least 5 memes

  • Print one line of code
  • For HTML: Make a hyperlink and a button
  • For other languages: Declare a variable

2 . Don't be rude, mean, or hurtful (Funky 63 can, however, join though)
3 . Has had less than 3 flags in the last 50 days (there will be exceptions if the flags had no reason behind them)
That's it for now! If you have suggestions, reply down below.

Mature Club/Company/Collab [Closed]
The Place for Bored Hopscotchers (STAY ON TOPIC)
Crafters Club v2!

I can't even do these!! :sweat_smile:


That's why I put it at one category minimum!


Well, I'm already in but I can do:

-All Hopscotching things
-All of drawing but I haven't published them
-Print one line of code, make a hyperlink and button in HTML, and declare a variable in JS

#5 you can make variables in HTML. Ok...editing that.


I'm pretty sure. Either that or I'm mixing it up with CSS or

EDIT: Oh nvm @MobCraft HTML is a static mark-up language so you need to integrate JS to do that.

Double edit: Yeah, I was thinking of the <var> tag, but that just is for font. Sorry! :frowning:


Can I join? I meet all the requirements in one of the categories.


Oh...changing it back again!


Which category? I won't know unless you say it.


20202020202020 body invalid


OK! You're in! 202020


When did I join?!? 2020

For F4LO only please do read

I saw the list of names on the MK38C thread. Also, you're a great artist!


I know how to make a good amount of HTML code and print it suscesfully. I know how to make a variable. ex. var = Hello.length




Oh, thanks! Sorry if I sounded a bit rude... :wink:


I didn't take it as rude... :sweat_smile:


Can I join I can do all what you said and I only had 1fags since I came to hopscotch forum!
BTW I am SmilingSnowflakes!


And FruityMilkshake......


You're SmilingSnowflakes...... :neutral_face:


Can I please be on it, I have two acconts, stampy's fans and my collaboration, stampy's fans@hopscotch, and I have done the drawing category, and I don't think I'm mean?, and I knowSome,
Awesome tricks
That are

  • random
  • under here, folks should be blank!!!!