Crack the code (Daily hints)


I am currently disguised as another hopscotcher. But you can figure out who I am if you can crack this code:
8 -' .74,3:(785-4
I will upload a new hint everyday to point you closer to who I am.
If you guess me correctly you will be rewarded.
Happy cracking


This is getting boring :joy:... or is it? hehe I can't tell the difference! there are so many people doing this!


Yes, yes.
At least I'm giving a challenge though...


Yes there has been a lot of mystery hopscotchers :laughing:


Hey ere you the one that liked all of my projects or is it someone else?


Yes that would be me.


So we solved the case?


I've liked many people's projects on the forum, including you just to get the word around.


What do you mean?


Technically you just gave us your hopscotch account XD


Very funny, my other account.
Ex. Magmapop


Day one link:


I'll never figure this out XD


on a future hint, there will be som thing with a "q" in it, replace the "q" with the number "1"


Hey that might be it!


Or 1 into q


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I have decoded it
It says
"I am curved guitar"


LOL yeah 8 is I - is a ' is m and so on


Really -______-