CP. Studios OFFICAL Topic


Hello everyone, this is the OFFICIAL Topic of the CP. Studios collab account.

We will be sharing projects on here, so go follow us! And keep on the look out for updates!

People in the group



We can also talk here to make projects! And Ideas!


@CodePerfect Ok, cool! I need the pass


I haven’t made the account. :joy::joy::rofl:

You wanna make it?

I’ve been to busy.


We should make a tango game or something. Idk I just have a song I could do for that




I was thinking about a time machine game.

Or a Lazer one


@CodePerfect Me? Make the account?


What type of music would go well with that? Lol just wondering. Maybe some jazz…


Also, we’re all getting credit on the finished projects, right? Like with our main usernames?


Nevermind. I can do it now! I will give you and everyone else the pass!


Yep! We will add that too!


Hehe. I feel cool lol


Name: CP. Coders

Pass: CPCoders

Reply Okay and I will delete it



Okay. :hugs::slight_smile:️:upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face: hehe how many things do I need to write?


Hehe it’s not working


People can hack, you have not deleted the post


Besides, the password isn’t correct


I know! Maybe that’s a decoy…


Wait… I got in by using my brain! Lol sounds so weird


I’ll start coding a jazz song for the laser game or whatever (I need to post the project before I finish to here the music)