Couple of announcements/ questions. I'm new


When does basic user go away?
Cause it's hard to have limited replies while running a contest

We need more players to compete in the team Olympic contest so please join. We have many good prizes
Including some from leaders.

My sister (@ella_13) got suspended so now I have to take her place and take charge of the contest

Please join the Olympic team contest

Any other leaders wanna help with prizes?
Any prize is helpful

Can someone please add the mass tag list? I can't tag more than 2 ppl in a post since I'm basic


Didn't her brother already make a account?


Wait, @ella_13 has 2 brothers?



If u check her bio it actually lists her siblings. I'm one of four of her brothers. This is my family: mom, dad, younger sister, younger twin bros, Ella and I are twins, older brother, older sister

None of my siblings are half or step siblings

Can u guys please join the team olympic contest?


Oh cool. Sorry I can't join the olympics.


Sorry, I'm busy on the forum


Basic user goes away after being on for a bit.
Also, did Ella_13 tell you that I put her topic on my topic portal?
Here's the link to the topic portal:


Hello, welcome to the forum, @Jack-o! :D

To make cool, special texts click the "gear" when typing! :D
It's in the upper right hand corner of the text box when you type. :D
Make sure to only make hopscotch related replies, topics, ect.
Always be kind, no put-downs or being rude.

Do not share personal information, like phone number, address, full name, ect.

To make a profile picture, edit your bio, ect. click on your profile in the upper right corner and choose "Prefrences" and scroll down! :D From there, you can just upload pictures and stuffs for stuffs. XD

Hope you have fun here! :D

If you need any help you can tag me as @VanillaOwl

It gives you a notification lol
I hope you enjoy your time here on the forum ! :D


That's a lot of siblings :flushed::flushed:


My grandma had 9. In a smallish house. My mom had 7. They had to eat fast.

why am I still here what am I doing