Counting Sheep is now published!


Have you wondered what sheep do besides jumping over fences and helping you sleep? Well they train for the Olym-pigs! Come play as a fuzzy sheep as you jump over hurdles and run as long as you can! Oh, and you can also remix with your high score to get onto the podium in the background of the game! Have fun and post with your highlights and reviews under this topic.


A screenshot of the game


Looks cool! I'll go check it out!


It is a great game! I love it! :smile:


Thank you! I hope you like it!


Thank you for the feedback!


Looks awesome! :hushed: Me going to check it out too!!


Yay! Have fun and thank you for the support.


Looks awesomeness! Can I have a link?


Ooohhh!! I just loved it!! It's fun and interesting :slight_smile:
Goes back to play it


Awesome! Thank you for playing!:sunglasses:


Epic! :100:


Thank you, Anonymous! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I love it. Put my highscore on lcc. le link because someone asked


This is so cute and funny!
I need to play it right now! :3


Argh! I lost... ;-;
So much fun! :3
It's so cute how the sheep's leg wiggle!
Why did you give me credit for the podium? :slight_smile:


Nominated it for featured


I ran out of likes or I would like that. 3 hours without likes... Will I live?


You said give it a barn background, and then that inspired me to make a podium. Thank you!:blush:


Okay, because I was going to say, "I didn't do that!" :sweat_smile:
Glad to know I helped with this adorable game! :heart: