Count to 2,000 game! (Rules added)



This is sorta like the count to 1,000 game but DIFFERENT!
So there are some rules
1- don't skip numbers
2-can't say that number is just a number
3- have fun!

And you have to have these requirements
1- member or regular on the forum
2- have at least stayed 2 days on the forum!
(I'm just trying not to be like the other topic)

Ok let's get started!
1- hopscotch is # 1

List (100 tags)


2- it's 2 even for 2day


3 is the number of sides on a triangle?


Four me, this topic isn't exactly to my taste, but it'll do.


5 is how many drawings I have in my sketchbook


6 is almost the number of days in a week


7 is the number of days in a week


8 is how many chins my profile picture has


9 is the number of replies this topic has currently


10 is how many fingers i have


Eleven is how old I was in 2014


12 is my favorite number


13 is how old I am now


14 is what I am going to be next year


15 years ago It was 2002


16 is how old I'll be the next time my birthday is on the weekend


13 is how old is am now too

Oh wait someone already said that on the same number I'm slow...

16 is when I'll have a 16 sweet party


17 is when you can get your driver's permit


17 is the last two numbers in this year (that sounds weird oop nm


18 is how old my sister is