Count to 100 forum game (HS and HF related)


This was inspired by @Zachyswag.

So this will be HS/HF related.

Rules are similar to @Zachyswag's
This should be a fun (but possibly difficult) game for the forum!

You have to say the number after the one that was last said. You have to give a HS/HF related sentence or something about that!

I will start:

1 - There is 1 car related object, that you can use!


@Dylan329 , i will play

Two- i have made over two weekly taco reports on hopscotch


Three- the number of projects on my new account


4 it's been 4 seconds since I last said something to the amazing @TACOCODE


Why? We already have something like this only to 1000.


5 i have over 5 features

Because this one is HS related and it is only 100


6 is lower than the amount of trendings I've had

That sounded mean, but it was the only thing I could come up with.


7 is lucky.


8 is how many accounts I have in the forum


Wow 0_0

9- is 9 more features i have had

I have had none


10, i took more than 10 requests!


11- the month the school deleted hopscotch ;-;


Sad.. really sad..

12 - more than the number of days in a week


Thnx dude. But im not amazing. TRUST ME!


13 - I scrolled through my profile, and one of my projects had 13 likes >_<


14- my age 3 years ago


You are 17.



15- my magic number minus 2


16 my features times 2 + 2


17- a lot of likes for one of my projects
Can we count more than once?