Could you please read this? It's on house teams


I made a project a few months ago which was based on hopscotch house teams. @Liza and any moderaters like @discourse and @t1_hopscotch and @asha. I made a project today. By any chance could you put it on the trending page or featured so that people will look at the challenges I do each week. It's because I think heaps of people forgot. What do you think of the hopscotch coding houses.

Some info on the house teams

they are a group of coders that....
Code together
Work to win prizes for their team

If you want to be a organiser for challenges each week then
Reply to this
Go to the app and make a project named

How can I become part of the house teams
Just go to my profile on hopscotch
Scroll till you find a project that has different circles that say things like
Remix it.



Sorry to tell you this, but they can't just put it on Trending! It has to be popular! Also, @discourse is the forum creator, not Hopscotch. But it does sound cool, so I'll think about it. :blush: