Could you please check out my project?


Hi everyone! I recently published a project called cupcake maker version 1.3.5. I have gotten some suggestions from my family members, but I'd like more, just to know what the general population of hopscotch would like (not saying I'll get that many replies :sweat_smile:). Any suggestion would be nice, as long as it is kind. My username is FrothyCad and the project name was in the second sentence. Thanks so much!



I checked it out it's a good game so you could have it so that whoever is playing gets to make the food if you weren't going to do that already.


Thanks for responding! It is a really long game, and that was only about 35% of the entire game you played. I am going to make the cooking part. I think it will be the next big update to the game I put out, but I'll have to see. Thanks for the input!


Your welcome. :slightly_smiling:


It's a really cool game! :grinning::+1::grinning:


I love it!!!!!! Hope you finish it!


It's great! You should make a rule when the ingredients touch the bowl increase act 2 by one and if they don't get all of the ingredients then it restarts and let act 2 equal 0. Hope this helps!


I'm glad you think that :blush:


Thanks a lot! I hope I finish it too! :joy:


I get that those are values but I'm not sure what they are for. Thanks for the input though!


You would create new value called act 2 for example. This will determine if the player passed the level. Make it so every time an ingredient hits the basket make act 2 increase by one. Then for another rule have if act 2 equals 4 (this represents the 4 ingredients caught) then the story goes on, else setvalue act 2 to 0 and wait _____ seconds. Let me know if this clarifies it!


Ohmygosh! Everyone I asked said to make is automatically restart, and I never thought it would be that easy! Thanks so much for the tip! My next update will have credits, I will definitely put you in there! Thinks so much again!



No problem! Glad to help, let me know if you have anything else as far as help or suggestions.