Could we make another forum


Hey so could we make a another forum
Like swears are still blocked, no personal info and u have to be respectful but ur allowed to be off topic

So this forum would just be to talk and get to know other forumers

Tell me what u think but don’t get all TRIGGERED pls



probably not. the forum is the perfect place to get help. no need to get another forum.


It depends on who the moderators would be.
Also, that’s kinda what this forum is evolving into.


This one isn’t for help

It’s more to like talk without being flagged

For example, anonymous can post links to music without being “yelled” at for being off


How do you make a forum?


Yeah tru

But some ppl still flag and stuff

It’s j a suggestion


Well Ik that this one costs money

But on google u can search up “free forum maker” and make a forum from that


Heh. I remember that forum

You can be off topic here, it just makes a few people grumpy


That forum??

lol which forum??


The forum described here




A couple of people made it when it freaked everyone out


Why did ppl freak out??


I don’t know.

Probably because that was when 3eryohe was like “OMG U MUST FOLLOW ALL DA RULEZ! :wink: “.



Makes sense

If I made one, could anyone technically stop me??


I dunno.

It’d be kind of useless, because very few people care about being on topic here.

You can just ask a regular to take topics out of the lounge so really no point putting in the effort.



But I mean it would kinda be cool to run a forum



Not really. I have experience doing something similar a few years ago.



Why isn’t it fun??


Once it gets popular enough literally half the forum is tagging literally all the staff literally all the time and it’s usualy for small things that don’t matter, but you have to check them all just Incase.