Could us little Hopscotchers at least get some support too?


I'm a little hopscotcher and so are thousands of others. Sometimes we put hours of work into our code, adding objects, making storylines and it seems that, some people will ONLY get nominated if they are at least semi-popular! I know there are great games in Featured, but what if there was a page in which random projects were shown? This may not sound like the greatest idea ever, but hey, a lot of people are devoting their own time to this game to make a great game. Also, some projects on Featured don't really have the best accomplishments. Like art panels? We've seen MILLIONS of those. I also remember seeing a project on Trending once thats title was "Branch this". Lots of others are also complaining, but all of them just want a chance to shine, a star inside to guide them, and a friendly, equal place for everyone to enjoy. My hopscotch account is Idealess if you have questions. Thanks!

Also, for funsies, here's an old project I made on my old account, HardDuty.


I actually agree. New users will get maybe a few likes on projects and then stop getting any because it is far down in newest.


@Nerd4Ever Thanks for the support! :smiley:


Well, I mean your new! You need to keep trying and improving and you can get more likes!
god im tired


I agree. Some people are like "if it's good, people will find it!" But that's not true. Most of the time, they'll publish it in games, and only like 5 people will find it. Others think it's not by a popular person so it's not worth playing.


Great idea! I agree with you. But, keep trying and you will get featured or trending! If not, that doesn't mean you are bad. Keep trying and coding, and you will get noticed!

  1. Self-nominations ftw
  2. I agree with you. Quality is a big priority but it's not as important as having it seen, since quality is useless if no one is around to see it.


Sadly some projects just don't get seen... But you can help by promoting them! You can nominate projects, by lesser known Hops, for Featured! But it does take time.


Also, belated welcome to the forum! Tag me anytime like this: "@KVJ"!


Just keep doing what you are doing, and self nominate, don't worry, I have been in your place before...


If you put your game on the channel #games it'll be more noticed; the hopscotch team might see it there.