Could someone possibly make a Sim using shape art?



Im making the Sims on HS and I was wondering if anyone could make a shape art of a sim for me that you could change the features of.


(See my icon...) (Taking up space)


I would if I could- but I don't have that game. Sorry!


I'm not that good at text art, but @SmilingSnowflakes might be able to help you! :smile:


I would it's just it would take me a hour to make it incredible

Create your own style of sims!


I could send you a picture maybe. We just need help creating the person (looks like a regular old human)


We probably can, except what's a sim?


The Sims is a game where you basically just have these little people called sims and you control them and stuff. Look it up if you need more information. But we need an up close person for the editor


I get the concept. We're good at shape art.


I can't, sorry. I can make the green crystal above their heads though. (I think it's called a plumbbob?)


Ok. That would also be useful


What about sim pixel art


I can ask my friend coffee7 to help!