Could someone look at a clicker game I made


I have made a clicker game in hopscotch and embedded it into a quick website I made here's the link


It's a cool game! :grinning:

For some improvements, maybe you can make your own trail art instead of using emojis.:slight_smile:


Great game! It's so addicting. How did you put it on that website? How did you make the website?

Also, welcome to the Hopscotch forum! Nice profile picture.


Great Game!

I love it!

Welcome to the forum!

We can be best friends!


I coded the website it only took me 10 minutes


It's really cool! I like that the design is really simple! One thing I would suggest is to increase the price a little for upgrades each time you buy one!
Also, welcome! You can @ me anytime for help!


This is aweosme! So you just put your HS game into a website? Did you just like put in the link to your game?


Think he used iframe


That's so cool! And you made a website for it!

Welcome btw! Tag me anytime you want help like "@KVJ"!


@BeatzNation do u have a YouTube channel?






Thanks @SomeWonder

@BeatzNation what is this.

I don't want to uncensor the words mate


Have you gotten any more hate comments on your vids?


No, I deleted these 3 comments. I just want to ask why he did this because this is not right


It was extremely rude what he said. I can't believe it was a Hopscotcher.


Sorry that was my older brother he ownes the channel