Could someone give MellonyBeats another chance?


@Liza @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @Rodrigo

@MellonyBeats was hacked and was made inappropriate stuff and she is so kind and nice she will never do anything like that.

Starting to get tired of all the @mellonybeats stuff

First reply! Yeah she should get another chance!


@TrevCoding, you do realize that you're not THT, right? They'll forgive either way! :smile:

And yeah, she'll probably be given another chance. Just email, and THT will probably respond and unsuspend/unban her :slight_smile:


Aren't you @MellonyBeats, @EmojiArts?


Emoji arts, melonybeats is you and posted very inappropriate stuff multiple times.


Are you sure she was hacked? I think both accs have the same IP.


MellonyBeats is my sisters account which was hacked