Could someone explain sine and cosine?


I'm quite unsure on how sine and cosine work? I know a bit...
1. What does it do?
2. How do you know the dimensions.
3. Could someone give a large explanation?
4. What do values have to do with it?
5. Main question! @creationsofanoob said that you can use this to spawn something outside of the screen. (E.G, Steve in Minecraft sneak up.) how do you do This?

Big project coming so help would be awesome!

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I can't, but @UptownStudios can!


@KVJ is really good with sine and cosine! Also here are some good topics:


I get it now. Thanks.


Now I'm focused on the MAIN QUESTION at the top?


Ok if someone explains that would be great because I have no idea xD nice topic @BlastFusion @DMF


Yeah. What's DMF got to do with this topic?




DMF is amazhang with CoSine!


He knows somewhat of CoSine xD


Can we get to the main point , listed above as question 5. @creationsofanoob seems to know.


Hmm. With a Set position block, but making the "radius" (the first blank) large enough, you can make the object go off the screen. Like, if its at (500,400) and you set position to X( 600 ) X cos( value ) + 500, Y( y pos ), it would be off screen, at a Y pos. you could switch up the X and Y though.


An can this be random? So that the object can spawn anywhere?


Yeah! All you need is a Random block for the radius. If you use it for X and Y, you could also randomise the CoSine value (the second blank)!


I just tested this on a blank project, and made the object change X by -10 and it quickly reappeared. I did 2000 X (cosine (value) ) + 512. Thanks anyway for helping but the objects needs to be way off the screen.


Does a big radius work, then?


2000, is that big enough?


Nor does 200000000 (200 million)


Hello (:
I don't know anymore then you do :flushed:

Whenever I use them I'm just experimenting...


Even 200 million doesn't work? :0

The only thing I can think of besides CoSine is by expanding the screen, like with scrolling...