Could I give my Instagram?


So I have this Instagram that i started and it is to convince ppl to adopt children. My name is not in it and there are no pictures of me. Would I be allowed to tell ppl on the forum what the username is?
We need to spread the word

Also, we can make projects every time a child is adopted



I dont think but maybe.


No, it's not allowed because it's a way of communication outside the forums


I don't know actually


Cause they Eis no way u could find out anything about me



But it's for a good cause. And I won't be directly communicating with u


Im still not sure, I think you should email the hopscotch team!





Yeah because emailing the hopscotch team will make everything better :thumbsup: of course

Haha no


It's not moderated so one can never know... but yeah emailing THT sounds like a good idea :)


thanks for tagging me !! <3<33

I guess you could, but not have full blown conversations in the comments or DMs


Oh ya

Sorry I forgot uā€‹:neutral_face::flushed:

U were my fav mod cause u were actually funny and not serious


It should be allowed, but I don't think it is, sadly.

But it's a good cause, so I dunno


She was serious but then



Yeah it'll make it worse


If it's not personal I see no reason why not


I think the rule against communication outside of the forum is illegal because THT is in the United States.


What does that have to do with anything?


Giving Instagram usernames can result in communication outside of the forum.


Yeah, but what does it have to do with the US?