Could I be leader?


I know I probably should be on a little more, anymore advice. I really want to be leader sometime, I saw one of these topics earlier but I wanted my own. Can you guys give me some advice.

  • Yes
  • For Sure
  • Do a little more
  • Making People's days is your thing, but eh about leader you need some more help, I can help you, reply


How do I make this so I can see what everyone replies?
Plz give me feedback


If you want to be a leader, let it come naturally. :slight_smile:


What are some things I should do??


Just keep working for it! Don't change your personality! Stay the way you are. I would say it would be good for you to be a little more active!


There's not really a lot of "things" that make you become a leader XD Liza (and THT) just picks people they think deserves it! :D


Be nice- don't say anything mean or inappropriate, always be happy! :D

Help others- always help others who ask questions, or are new! It's really cool helping others, it makes you feel good. :D

Just... Be awesome! XD- just be the bestest, kindest person you can be, keep at it and it'll pay off. :D


Just read, post, reply, help, be nice, be active on the forum and yeah....
Hope this helped! :slight_smile: