Could Game Changers please be updated?


It’s typical for BlastFusion to ask this, but seriously.

52 Weeks Anniversary… Is that something to be proud for? I mean, it’s just really confusing. I’m sure there’s plenty of projects out there, come on.

Eh, who agrees?

  • Yeah Da Best!
  • Meh, maybe (I really don’t care lol)
  • Nah, give some time (1 year is enough!!)

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Tell me guys, say "#Yep’ if you are with me. The fact how this must be updated to keep the app (my point of view) interesting.

So anyways is there an @OMTL (@POMTL) for people just interesting in coding? That would be great for some of us so we aren’t tagged for random stuff.

  • Make a new Omtl for just coders
  • Keep it the way it is
  • Remove the omtl

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That’s it from me, how about you?


the POMTL is the project mass tag list, so you could use that


Yes I’m outdated here so I know nothing, sorry.


How do you add yourself here?


you go to the group, and there should be a join button ;D


Thanks! Now should I remove myself from the omtl???


You can keep in both, if you want. But you can XP


If you want everything related, mute Random Stuff. Simple and easy. Also, the forum has lost its relation to HS so lol


#Yep #Yep #Yep #Yep #Yep


Meh, maybe. (tbh, I don’t really care) :expressionless:


yeah–i was able to figure out this new(ish) stuff you children call groups :PP


@Liza, @Rodrigo it’s been ages!!! It would be nice seeing it alive again.


Yeah! THT, you should add “3D projection” project there!


Yeah. It would be nice, for sure.


Who is the one who decides what goes on game changers?