Costume contest [2016]


So in inspiration of halloween 2016 i am making a halloween contest to start off i would like to give some shoutouts of the week so here they are!
1. @KVJ
2. @Liza
So now back to the contest it will be held on here and hopscotch so to be able to enter the contest you need hopscotch and the forum!
We are doing a HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST this is going to be this years theme Costumes!


Your adjective is to make your favorite hopscotch character a halloween costume and then write down the combination or person you did!
You must have at least three colors in your costume!
It must have a halloween background!
You will have to also make another project were that character and one other character go trick-or-treating in that same costume!
It must have a name for the costume!




Wow thanks so much!! :smiley:

Me next to Senpai @Liza on Senpai @RexersHexers' list?

faints like Kiwicute


Did You mean "objective"? :slight_smile:


Yes my auto correct is weird sometimes! :joy:


Same :laughing: :joy:


This is an awesome idea! Should the costumes be coded, drawn, or what?

Love your profile picture, by the way! Fellow SnK fan?


Coded please! Thanks everyone for likes and stuff!


Are you wanting to ben in the contest if so please call the project #RexerHalloween2016