Coses general tropic, wait no, topic


Ya so I was going to do a collab with someone (no names) and I don’t even know the basics of the hopscotch forum, but if you want to chat with I could figure something out… maybe.


No clue…


Ohhh… I get it…



Welcome to the forum, check these out:

I read in your bio that you like jokes, and based on the jokes that were in there, I feel like you and @Petrichor will make friends…


What do I do?


Hi, welcome!


Hello @COSES I have tagged u on another topic u might find interesting


Hey @COSES! I hope that you will have fun here on the forum.

You could start your own collab by making a new “forum topic”. The thing that you just made is a topic. Choose #collabs-requests-competitions as the category. You can also join an exiting collab (if the owner/leader of the collab says that it is okay). Tap here for a list of some collabs and more cool things.

Have fun here at the forum!


Thx guys, you are so helpful; especially since I am terrible at hopscotch


Hey this is just a question. How do you get members and regulars, and does hopscotch have to approve of everything your write?


Hey why does it say waiting for moderators approval before I can post a comment?


Ya, it says post needs approval.


You get member after 3-10 days of visiting the forum, replying, liking, etc.
How to get regular:


Now I have an even more important question…


So @DMF what does DMF stand for?


Haha, nothing. But (in 2017) I thought it can stand for Da Magical Fridge.
Da Magical Fridge Games ★ xD


Ha noice m8, that’s lit


U said it was a secret (also your new nickname is fridge)




Sup bruv, how are your doing