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When I tried to log in, it said that there was no account for my username. So I made a new login. I remember when I updated it told me to make a login. So is that login the same as the forum one? Also, one my profile it said that my trust level was new user. I have been hop-scotching for a while, so I was surprised. How do I change my trust level? What are the trust levels? HELP!


so its is how new to the forum you are if you start your are a new user if you use it alto it will eventually bring you to a member and it is different then the hopscotch log ins


Hi @Moon13wingsoffire! These are great questions.

The forum is totally separate from the app right now, so your account in Hopscotch doesn't transfer over to the forum. So, creating a new login with your Hopscotch name was the exact right thing to do!

And, nice info @SnowGirl_Studios! These different levels are designed to prevent spammers from coming in and covering the forum in cat memes. As you spend more time asking and answering questions, you get more privileges.

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Hi @Liza I was wondering how did you get the gold trust level so quickly?


Hi @PrettyBallerina! I am the admin for the forum, so they gave me the gold so I could play with all the settings and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok I understand now!


Is trust user the same as trust level 1?


If your screen says trust level: New User, then yes, you are a level one.


thanks @Moon13wingsoffire now i know :slight_smile:

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Well, that’s what we do on the forum now.


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It’s not 2015. Ever wondered why I was inactive for months after joining? That’s why.