CoralCoins: A Currency

This shop/request/currency is started by me (@Dolphin_Blast) and everything is handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the Shops & Requests or Competitions & Events categories, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.

Introducing CoralCoins!

How do I earn CoralCoins?

There are two ways you can earn CoralCoins:

  1. You can buy them from me using seeds. For each seed you pay, you will be given 5 CoralCoins.

  2. You can earn them by participating in a competition hosted by me. First place would receive 50 CoralCoins, second place would receive 25, third place would receive 15, and participants would receive 5.

What Can I Buy With CoralCoins?

  1. Coded game elements (coded art, coded backgrounds, title screens, etc). My game element shop is now accepting CoralCoins, so please head on over there if you wish to request a game element.
  2. Art! In about a month, I will be releasing an art request shop that accepts CoralCoins.
  3. A forum bio! For 5 CoralCoins, I will write you a new-and-improved forum bio.
  4. Anything else! If there’s anything else you want to purchase with CoralCoins that doesn’t fit into the three categories above, feel free to tag me in this topic and ask. I’m always open to new ideas!

CoralCoins Leaderboard

Impasta: 10
creationsofavillager: 10
TB23: 10
KingNomNom: 10
FearlessPhoenix: 10
moocow: 10
DogIcing: 10
C.H.Rissole: 10
Tri-Angle: 10
Cutedogs1Forum: 10
StarlightStudios: 10
Sepia: 10
CB_Studios: 10
William04GamerA: 10
Babyhorse3000: 10
Mouldycheese8: 10
RoadOcean: 10
The.8: 10
Dragongirl1264: 10
Cutelittlepuppydog: 10
Liquid: 10
RainbellaDonut: 10
Innerpanda: 10
Silvia: 10
HapPI314: 10
Awesome_E: 10
CreativePenguin: 10
894: 10
King87: 10

Vote in the poll below to claim ten free CoralCoins:

  • Click here to claim 10 free CoralCoins!
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If you have any questions regarding CoralCoins, feel free to reply to this topic and ask.




sounds nice

first post


will you get a leaderboard so people can check their amounts?


Yes! I’m working on one right now.


How much is game element?


Prices vary depending on what the game element is (for example, pixel art is generally more expensive than shape art).

Specific prices are listed in my game element shop topic, so head on over there for specific prices (I’m planning on lowering the prices soon).


I did the poll can I get my free 10 coral coins :coin:


Yes, I’ll put you on the leaderboard right now!

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Thankyou so much!!


Ohhh nice :smiley: i might buy from ur shop later on if I can get my account with seeds recovered! Also I did the poll for 10 free coral coins :DD


You can also receive CoralCoins from my competitions—so if you aren’t able to recover your seeds you can stay tuned for that (I may or may not be hinting at something :eyes:)

(also, thanks for letting me know! you are now on the CoralCoins leaderboard :D.)


@Dolphin_Blast Hi I just voted in the free coralcoins could I have them please?? I am so not mad or anything
These sound cool!


Yes, you’re now on the leaderboard!


TYSM!!! Where can I buy stuff? :eyes:


My game element shop accepts CoralCoins and I can also write you a forum bio for five CoralCoins.

I’m also coming out with an art shop soon, so stay tuned for that!

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I’m pretty interested in that…

Edit: how do you get coralcoins??

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You can buy them from me using seeds or you can win them if you participate in one of my competitions (a new competition will be coming out soon, so stay tuned for that).

I’ve also been thinking about giving out free CoralCoins during my forum anniversary and birthday, although that hasn’t been finalized yet.

Edit: You also have the 10 free CoralCoins you received when you voted in the poll :))


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