Copyright is about every single digital stuff!


You guys know that the servers are down currently... But cheer up, I have something to tell you guys. It's about copyright.

People stealing your digital artwork or using your video without your permission. It happens in the digital world. Even Hopscotch .

So you be like "WHAT?". Well, have you experienced people remixing your project and they re-publish it without any single changes? Even worse, that project gets more likes! And worse to the next level, claiming that it was theirs!

Probably everyone, so I'm here to tell you about Copyrights.

The next time you make a project, always put a text object with your Hopscotch name at anywhere of the screen, whether in a corner or at the top. One example of a Hopscotchers I notice is Creations of a Noob.

How to do this the CV Studios way:

Take a text object at drag it to anywhere of the screen, I prefer putting it at the bottom right, around X:700 Y:150.
Then, name the text object "Copyright".
Create a new rule.
Then follow this:

When (play button is tapped) 
Set text ( -your name- ) ( -any colour as long it's visible- )
Set size ( 50 )
[optional] set invisibility ( around 99% to 50% )

And done. As long as the copyright text object is there, people will know it's yours.

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28 September 2015, Monday

And yes, I know there is the "remix from _______ " part on the image of the project itself, but it's probably safer to this as well.


Half Annoying people

I think it's okay and great to remix and add changes to someone's project and it'd be nice to give credit too :smiley: Sometimes people might just want to publish your project because it's awesome :stuck_out_tongue: so just think of it as them liking your project. They might not also be aware of Rehopping too.


@comicvillestudios another way to add a copyright is to use a space block with a set position rule if you do not want your copyright to be deleted.


One copyright suggestion I saw on a few levels is that they first did the rules, then they moved it under the edit code/play project button! Remember that after you do that you will never be able to open up the block again.


Yeah, remixing isn't bad unless
1) They bully with it
2) They make a CHATROOM out of it and that makes the person who made the original project super annoyed
3) they probably just remixed it to look better, somebody remixed my project and claimed it was theirs, but it turned out that they didn't understand coding so Memorable Chicken and I helped the coder make a draw pad!