Copying someone's topic


I'll give credit. Also, Kiel meant like XD. I'm sorry that I thought u were shutting down my ideas


Would leaders be able to help give out better prizes or am I on my own?


Wether you give credit or not, you copied it.


I'm not talking about that. I'm talking another a new project.
Also, last I checked. Mine was motel urs wasn't. Mine has a kindess urs doesn't. Mine had a point system, urs doesn't.
U have hotel rooms, mine didn't
The trust levels had different abilites


Yeah, all contests and General topics are different entities


Motel=hotel basically
Also, even if some tiny details are different, it still is basically the same.


Like if your making a club, there's going to be many art clubs, or general topics, things like dat :D


Yeah I understand that which is why I made a new topic which still has to do with kindness