Copying someone's topic


When is it right to somewhat copy someone's topic? Is it ok for leaders to close it?

Please answer

What I don't get it when you do a project that is sort of related to another one and it is closed. Yet there are a bazillion projects about contests which aren't closed because they are all similar


You have to ask before copying.


i see why you created this topic, and they maybe closed it because it was a copy?


yea i agree with you


Its plagiarizing if you copy someone's work and say it's you own. Even if you make tiny changes to it, it's still plagiarism.

Here on the forum, you are going to get called out on it because it's a very bad thing to do. It's only okay to copy someones with their permission.

Copying someone's topic, even with their permission, will clog up the forum and probably get closed.


It depends. If you copy someone's post, then yes, it will be closed. If your topic accomplishes the same thing as someone else's topic, it will be closed. Otherwise, it will stay open.


It's not good to copy someone's topic...

At all...

If it's just a tiny little bit different, still not allowed.

If it's different enough, then giving credit is advised. Also, ask before copying.

I know what this is about, so let me just say that HFB made his first, you changed about two words, and you should have asked first. There was no 'flame war' on that topic, just people trying to tell you to give some credit. :slight_smile:


We know who you are trying to point this at. Your topic was closed because it was a complete copy.


Totally agree! :smile:


Your topic was the literal exact same as another, with a few edits. Because they were the same thing, it was closed.

Contests are fine because they're not the exact same things. That's like saying that we can't have two general topics because they're all the same concept.


Every time I make a topic, there's something wrong with it. I have another idea but of course it will never work


I'd appreciate if u kept ur mean comments to ur self first of all.

Second of all, that wasn't what it was about. I was just wondering now so I could know how to make a topic that won't get closed for once


Just search before you post! Make sure you keep what you search very generalized, or else you might make a copy of someone else's topic! If you copy and paste someone else's exact wording, then that is considered plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious crime in the real world and there are some pretty harsh penalties if you're caught. In Hopscotch, we give a little more leeway as we're just kids and aren't perfect! :smiley:

Also, do you think you can reword your post a little nicer?


I didn't copy and paste though.... I guess great minds think alike.

I have a bother topic idea by b4 I ever start it I wanna know if I can do it.

My idea is like to have a points system for kindness. There will be prizes when u reach a certain number of points.

5 points- scrollable website

Me and a couple others will look for kindess on the forum. When we see it, we will award points. And maybe we can get the leaders in on it for some better prizes.

So can I do it?


You did look at HFB's post before you made yours, and made yours with his in mind. Probability says that is a must.

And also, a point system already exists. There are multiple topics about it.


I never said you copied and pasted. (fun fact: This sentence has seven meaning depending on which word you stress.) I just said that if you did, there were many consequences. And like BAS said, point systems already exist and there's a very low chance that you managed to have the same wording as HFB.

If you liked his idea, you can just say you liked it and it inspired you. :slight_smile: Lying can bring on a ton of guilt, depression, and more side effects.

Point systems:


I think you explained and replied to this situation perfectly. (Fun fact: I went through and stressed every word to see)


Yeah but mine is for everyone


Also, the first one ( not the pottermoreone) was made in March. I just feel Kiel this will make the community an even kinder idea. But go ahead and shut down two of my ideas in one day


What does "Kiel" mean? Oh wait, do you mean, "kewl?"

I never shut down any of your ideas. I just said they already existed and posted examples so you could see them. :stuck_out_tongue: You can do a point system if you want to; I won't stop you.

It doesn't matter the date something was made. It could be made a full year ago, but it still exists. You can revive it, or if you'd like to recreate it, you should ask the original creator. We (the community) don't believe in duplicate topics. But, if you want to make a point system, too, then be me guest! :smile: