Copying Hopscotch User! 🚨PLEASE READ!🚨



Hello, I just wanted to let you guys know I've seen a user called SlimePOP3313. I noticed on the #games section they remixed a project that has an iPhone that the original user probably worked really hard on. They wrote "Made by SlimePOP3313" on the project when in the info on the original project it said "Please do not remix without my permission and please do not take this project as your own". I then looked on SlimePOP3313's page and that's how all of their projects were. Each one was remixed from someone else and said "Made by SlimePOP3313" on them. I was just wondering how to report this person to hopscotch so they will stop copying other people's hard work!


I agree! Copying is one of the biggest problems on the app in my opinion!

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@Rawrbear I agree! Do you happen to know how to report someone? Or can you only do that with their posts?


I think you can only report their projects. But if you see a bad user, email The Hopscotch Team at and they'll help you out! :smile:


@Rawrbear Ok, thanks! I will email them about it


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Sadly some people do that... Just put hidden credits and no one can copy :wink:


Type in OrangeScent in the hopscotchers tab
Do you get my drift?


@Stick88 Ok, I emailed hopscotch and I should have added, they didn't personally copy mine, I just noticed that. And your right, I'll do that from now on, thanks!


@OrangeScent1 :grimacing: Gosh, that must be pretty annoying!


An account called ALOHAHAWAII PRODUCTIONS somehow steals project without the remix thing on the top.


I know a few other accounts that do that :\


I think they actually take the time to copy the code, because there's a gap in between the time they publish projects


Happens to me all the time, I hate it. Before, I used to get real upset, but now, I got used to it. The a person who do it is only making a fool of their self. Also, I usually put my name on it like this...
1. Create a text object called " ", yes a space
2. When the play button is tapped set position
3. Then, set text to (your credits)
4. Now, change appearance, colour, invisibility, and size
Now, a thief cannot steal credit by deleting it, it is VERY hard to find!


You forgot something!

I usually hide it around the screen and do set position so they don't suspect that the place they'd put it was where it would be in the first place!


i have just checked out their page and your totally right. should i report them?


If you'd like! Email :wink:


Hiding it behind the back button is a good way for someone to not change the credits, as people can just make an object that points to the " " object and Set Pos to it. If they try to take credit, they'll have to endure a lot of opening a project.


Nope they sometimes don't! There is a glitch it's happened to me once and it was with the gigapad I remixed but it didn't say that it said that I made it! I instantly deleted it because I didn't want popularity for someone else's project!


When played, the " " will set to a different position than what it is in the code, so the thing will go to its new position.