Copying Glitch?

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: Pumpkin Girl, but I was on my Heroes account

What kind of device are you using?: IPad 4

1 sentence description of the problem I remixed a project from my Pumpkin Girl account when I was on my Heroes account but it didn't show that it was copied

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. I logged into my heroes account.
2. I edited my announcement project to show a different announcement.
3. I remixed the projects, with the changes.
4. The project showed up in newest without a picture at the front, just white.
5. I assumed this was due to the fact that my Internet was pretty bad at the time so I remixed it again.
6. *This time the picture came up but without the indication in the corner that meant it had been copied...

I expected this to happen: The project's picture to come up the first time and the sign to show it was coppied to come up the second time.

But instead this happened:
The text that was usually in the corner of the picture, to indicate that it had been copied, wasn't there.

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

The screenshot wouldn't upload...


1st! Kk @PumpkinGirl


This is a remix bug. Its happened to me too. Someone remixed a project of mine but it didn't show it was by me


Hm, I just tried remixing a project and the attribution worked.

What version of Hopscotch are you using? (You can tap "..." on your profile, then report a problem, and then send us the text that auto-fills in the bottom of the email)


I think if you remix a project, then remix your remix, it will no longer show as an remix?

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This needs to be patched!