Copycat in game changers?!



What is this? A copycat of mine branched purplehawks game and got into game changers?!

Please remove this project from game changers. Also please mix the game changers up. The kaleidocosmos was on top for more than a month. That makes people see it and ignore the other game changers...
@Ian @alish @Liza


I'm confused too! Makes no sense at all!


I don't like this, that someone is in game changers, never changed anything, and copied MagmaPOPs name!


I think that THT was mistaken. Before I remember his name was purplehawk. (With a space and a period at the end) he then changed his name to MagmaPoP. It's a misunderstanding, and plagiarism so please @Ian@liza
@alish fix this! (Purplehawk and magmapop are not going to be happy)


Yeah I saw that too and I thought that you put it there


Oh no and I think there is a rise in copycats.


Who's copycats? Because I know there already are a lot of copycats of me, funky 63 and Axolotl...


The Hopscotch team, too.


How did it get 22 likes?


Guys, I just looked in Game Changers and I didn't see it. I think they changed their username again too, because nothing said Magma Pop!


I didn't see it either. Btw, I LOVED YOUR NEW MC PROJECT @MagmaPOP ! It looks so real! Omg! Nice job.


Lol @MagmaPOP, I would pay you to give me coding lessons XD.


How much!? :laughing: LOL


So would I lol. MagmaPoP are you working on any games?


Ehh... like 35 dollars... idk. (Per lesson).


I was joking, but wow!


Yeah, a simpler one though... :wink:


Is it ok at some point that I could create a music piece for you? (You make the game I make the music)


Yeah, maybe! but not in the next one! :wink:


Yeah, me too! My sister thinks you're phenomenal, I do too, (my sister's Luna Lovegood:cherry_blossom: I'm Ginny Potter) and you're going down into coding history!