Copy & paste forum link bug


I’m not going to use the “HS bug format” to demonstrate this.

So, I was just on the forums. I decided to give someone the link for my general topic. I copied the link, but when I tried to post it, this happened.

Maybe the link had a bad word in it? Help


I figured the out the problem. The link starts with F: forum and ends with K: look. This also happens with words like fo. rk.


I’ll fix that I guess


It’s the same with many words and also accounts such as @Fredric k, which you can’t quote at the moment. I don’t know if @Ana possibly could fix this.


i doubt she can fix it without also allowing words that were meant to be blocked
Idea: allow anything including


Remove all words between the t/ and the numbers.


You really are a sad tale.


No you’re not 014 doesn’t know what he’s talking about


Excuse me jnsa008 I do.

You just got first named

014, PhD, md, od, bcd, cea, leader of 014 Productions, official rules knowledge dude, ceo, sr, fbi, cia, nsa, nra, ncpd, pcd, lmnop, etc, jr, abcd, president of ancient rome