Copy of Project on Featured? :0


If you have been on hopscotch for a decently long amount of time, you've probably seen this project already. (Not mine, the one on the right!)

The original one was made by NeatPancake.

Again, this is just a reminder. It doesn't have to be taken down, but I just wanted to let you all know that this is a copy and that the original has been featured too! :3


Yep, I played that when it came out. It's the bug where old projects sometimes don't show remix signs. i think it should be taken down.


I played it when it came out as well!


I think they have removed it now, it´s not there.


Yes, Funky 63 emailed THT! It still has all the likes it doesn't deserve, though. But at least WE HAVE JUSTICE! :D