Copy Multiple Blocks




Is there a way to copy multiple blocks or loops at a time, then paste it into another object?

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Yep! They are custom blocks!


You could try abilities, but besides that there are no other means.
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You can do what people said (abilities), or put the blocks into a Repeat (1) block then copy that.


Actually, I'd like to copy some blocks, then I'd like to change the value inside. I don't think custom blocks let you do that... Do they?


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Yes. Hold down on the loop you wanna copy and tap copy. Then paste it


No... But if what you are copying is in a repay of check once block, copy the loop, then paste where you want too, and change the value.


I really liked your Undertale project by the way ^^


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I actually wanted to copy and paste a bunch of when conditionals, is that possible?


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I don't think so. I've tried. Let me try again just to make sure.
Edit: it does work to copy rules.


Oh, rules? You can copy them, but I'm not sure of a way to do multiple, sorry.


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Yes. You can also do characters. Characters are so useful. i used copy and paste characters for knives in my project I'm working on


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