Copy and Pasting in Hopscotch


Hello I am new to Hopscotch. I want to create a game and to do this I must utilize the copy and paste feature in hopscotch. However, it only lets me select one block instead of a string. I am trying to make a game that requires modifying that string, so I cannot create a folder thing because I am changing it (think of it as variations).

Is there a solution for this or do I have to manually reenter all of the code?


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Take the code you want to copy and put it in a custom block

Then put that block wherever you need the code (instead of typing it all over again)


Welcome! You can use abilities as @LittleLilacDragon said


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You can’t currently copy and paste more than one block of code (unless it’s a whole rule, or the code inside a draw a trail/check once if/repeat/etc block, along with the block the code is in), but it’d be helpful!


You can always put them in a string that supports multiple blocks inside it (like a custom ability or the “Repeat” block). Once you do that, you can copy and paste everything, then remove it from the string block.

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You should do what Cocoa_Viola said. Put the code you want to copy in a ‘Check once if (7=7)’ block, then copy that block and paste it wherever. You can then edit that code, and not have it affect the other times you used that code.
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It’s also really helpful if you put all of the code in a “Repeat times 1” block, and then you can just copy the repeat times 1 block and paste it and modify the code if needed and it won’t change in any of the other ones.

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Welcome to the forum! Try the other solutions posted above and let us know if it works or not! And also, feel free to ask if you ever need any more help :slight_smile: