Copiers in Hopscotch

So there has been a total of (2) copiers that ive seen so far. The first literally put their name on EVERYTHING they copied, claiming it as their own. The next (below) just seems to have… reposted. Even then, its annoying having no changes made at all, and its just being copied. Since I can’t show a zillion projects at once, this is only a couple shown below. (note REMIX)


Maybe SBYP next time if you don't mind, there are lots of topics exactly like this :D

Copiers are annoying, but we do already know about them. Many of us from our own experience, unfortunately.

Thankfully, they don't hurt anyone but themselves. They're pretty much harmless, even if annoying. :confused:

Is there a specific, original point to this topic?

This topic is one of many about this subject, and we already know about the copy-cats. And there's unfortunately no point in trying to stop them. It would be hard to get rid of them all. It's really not a big deal, thankfully :D

Sorry if this sounds rude. :00


It kinda does

U might wanna rephrase it


Sorry, thanks for letting me know :D


I've seen her in my notifications.

Unfortunately we can't do much about it.

I still don't think its okay.

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it’s hard to SBYP to get the right topic, this is what happens when you search up “copiers in hopscotch”

The search button is broken to be honest

no offense but if that person did SBYP, then it would take a while to get the right thing

Please don’t flag me please please please please


True. :P

Search can be slightly idiotic sometimes.

I checked on that person and she didn't copy. She's just remix happy. I did background research.

ik idk how to flag them besides flagging all there projects

@liza pls make a flag account option

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You could report the project or email THT if you want it to be removed.

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Oh I hate when they do that

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I hate that, but people can see that it's a remix, and hopefully they won't fall for it. The originals are the best!

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They are remix happy, they remix EVERYTHING!
I did background information on her.

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Most of the remixes of cloud Jumper are just zoomed in on the how to Play. Idrc.

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I've been copied...twice!
Back in August I got really sad.
Second time I wasn't bothered.

I'm surprised nobody copied my 'make a character!-V2' project. Cuz it's my most coded project...I got a ton of zoomed in remixes XD

Ooh photobomb :open_mouth:


There are heaps of these accounts on hopscotch
I would just ignore them
They are choosing to ignore the awesomeness of learning to code!:joy: