Copied project in featured?



this project on featured was copied from @MyPizza on hopscotch!
original project:
copied project on featured:
i suggest to take off the copied project.


Wow this is injustice! It shall be put to an end!


Thanks for making a topic about it! It means a lot.


There’s a lot out there. Remember the bracelet maker about a month ago? COPIED!


OOOMG lemme tell you about that. It got on the hs page!

The page to advertise


I really hope the remix glitch gets fixed. Makes me wonder how many of my projects have been stolen right under my nose without knowing because it wasn’t on “remixes of my projects”. I would have had no clue that featured project was stolen until it was featured. *is salty


There are so many. I know some of mike have been taken. Then the person gets more credit than I do! People are all like “wow ur an amazing coder” to the people who steal my stuff!


Here. This may do some good.


Thanks! I just hope the project gets taken down soon. Seems like the hopscotch curators aren’t on hopscotch or the forums yet tho.


I know…
we should do something…


Seems like everything we can has been done. But if it gets more views and likes than the original imma be in super salty mode :joy: lol jk


Yikes! This is a huge problem, and super unfair on your end, @MyPizza

Did you let @SmileyAlyssa or @Madi_Hopscotch_ know?


@hopscotch-curators look at the first post


Yeh I tagged them on nominations for featured but I haven’t heard from em yet. Hopefully soon!


My apologies!

(Also sorry for responding late, Thursday’s are typically a very busy day for me! :grimacing:)


Ok thanks so much! You guys are doing awesome! :grin::+1:t2:


Remember, there was once a remix on game changers!


what even IS the remix glitch? how do you do it? is it the same thing as the json editing i did to remove the remix icon from one of my projects?


When some ppl remix projects, the remix tab doesn’t show up…


Regulars, my Hundreds Day topic has been lounged! Please unlounge it! I’m talking to you, @William04GamerA! And you, @FATTCAT! This goes to any other regular out there! I need to take care of something on the topic, in case you are wondering.