Copied project in featured? "Monsters"



So I was looking on featured and I saw the project "Monsters" by Spyros. However, check out this link:
It's the same project by Awsome Johnson. Awsome's game was made 2 weeks ago... It is called "Bear's imagination". Search it. There are a lot of of "Bear's imagination" copies that look the same!

What is going on?

Plagiarism Project on Featured? Solved, Porject Unfeatured

That does seem strange! Hmmm.....


Yes. Have you seen the project where it says that if you remix this project, you will get these characters? Well, it is a remix but doesn't show the actual creator which isn't fair for the actual creator! What is going on?


It must be some glich or the hopscotch team has done something


It just doesn't seem fair for whoever made this first version of the project! :confused:
I know that if I made a project and then a copy of it made featured I would be upset.


Yeah I noticed this to...I think it was Awesome Johnson who made it originally...



Who are some people who could help that we can tag?


Well i actually think the one on featured is a copy because look at the user (one that got featured) and his projects...:flushed::grimacing:




Think you might wanna check this out.