Cool? Weird? Hopscotch?



We've been playing with some ideas for avatars. What do you guys think?

I like the idea of animals
New Avatars? omgee yay

That looks awesome, @Liza!


Super cool! Maybe have a contest on hopscotch for new avatars! To draw or design them! That'd be super cool! The ones above are, but the would get rid of the whole trend of hopscotch character avatars.


I like most of them! But some are super plain and look weird. But still, a good start!


Awesome ideas @liza! I think those would be great!


I have to agree, @SQUISHY ! I have an idea, though: When we click on our character avatars profile, maybe something will show up and saw "CREATE MONSTER/CHARACTER" and when you click Monster, it will show some shapes, eyes, nose, mouth, color or accessories or something like that and we could decorate the monsters that are alike on the picture @Liza made. When we do characters, we can have our original characters BUT maybe we can have remixes of them like Chef Bear or Artist Mr. Mustache!


keep up da good work :+1:


@Liza make it so that we can change our profile Pics in the app and we can change it to our pictures it would just be a nice addition to hopscotch


Sooo cool! I like most of them, but some of them don't really relate to Hopscotch. My 3 favorite ones are the blue smiley-face, the pink smiley-face, and also the rabbit!


I love the bunny and smiley faces, but I would love a cat character. The other ones don't exactly look like they are from Hopscotch though. Even though they don't look like Hopscotch, they look super cool!!


Those are awesome! And I think it's okay some don't relate to Hopscotch. I'd totally use the chevron pattern on the top line as my avatar!


They all look great, I love them all! Nice job @Liza.


They're so cute! I totally love these. If I were to have one of these for my avatar, I'd probably go with this one:

Funnily enough I thought they vaguely reminded me of something I'd seen and I realised it was like the artwork on @Rodrigo's website :wink:

@Liam_O I agree it would be nice to be able to change our profile pictures. I like the avatars from Hopscotch and maybe not photos as profile pics though because people might upload something that isn't appropriate.

I really like the cute simplistic style of these avatars. It's different to the normal Hopscotch in the sense that the style of the other characters is another style, but hey, this style is really cool too.



If it would help, I have a poll here too. You can pick up to 5 options. If the poll isn't helpful please let me know and I can remove it.

These avatars are very cool. Which ones might you pick as your own avatar?


You may choose up to 5 options.


Sounds totally awesome! @Liza Maybe add a cat?


I love theese! I can't wait. I have been hoping for new characters!


C'mon guys, the black and white ones are rad! :sunglasses:


Those look so adorable!


Can we have a ability to draw our avatars because then if we have a logo then we could make it our avatar
You don't have to do it just a suggestion for the future hopscotch


Thats amazing i love it!